A Brief History of Marxist Cultural Theory

In 2021 Sage Published the monumental Sage Handbook of Marxism, to which I contributed the chapter titled ‘Culture’. This is an extended version of my original draft of that chapter. It is basically a history of Marxist cultural theory, but it sticks to the brief I was given when drafting that chapter, to focus on thinkers who are widely influential on recent and contemporary work in the English-speaking ‘cultural’ humanities and social sciences. This is a couple of thousand words longer than the version that was finally published.

I don’t make any claim for this being exhaustive – for that to be achieved, the document could’ve been over 100,000 words. But I think it should be useful to some people.

If you want to cite this document then its copyright / publication date is 2022, and you can use the URL of whatever site you pulled it from.

Here it is on Academiat.edu: https://www.academia.edu/83657799/A_Brief_History_of_Marxist_Cultural_Theory

Here it is for direct download: