Hegemony Now: Gramsci, Guattari, Deleuze (Unfinished article).

This is an article I started writing in 2010 and never really finished. It was commissioned for a special issue of Deleuze Studies but it turned into something quite other than what they wanted and I sort of abandoned it because I had other things to be getting on with. At some point I will finish it and try to publish it properly in some form, but for now I’m posting it here because one person at least has found it useful in its current form. It does actually try to offer a Deleuzo-Gramscian definition of class interest right at the end, which is pretty ambitious I know, but also potentially interesting I guess.  And contrary to the terms stated in the blog’s introductory post, this is well over 10,000 words, Oh well.

Anyway the link is below.

Hegemony Now unfinished.